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Digital Scales & Balances

We sell an entire range of digital scale equipment for all types of industry.  We are constantly developing new ideas and providing specialised solutions and weighing equipment ranging from simple general purpose portion scale, retail scales for your general retail store, all the way to health and fitness / medical scales, industrial platforms and indicators, digital scales with label printers, POS (Point of sale) linking scales and many more.

We can provide you with taylored integrated weighing and printing solution that will best suit your operation and need.  We have an entire range of solutions including high-end versatile wrap, weigh, seal and labelling equipment for your everyday need.

Generally we can offer you:

  • Free quotation and evaluation of all your weighing needs, your POS (Point of Sale) requirements, we well as your labelling requirements for all your pre-packed trays.
  • Rental advise and hiring options for a number of our equipment.
  • Full site service and maintenance & repair of your existing equipment or upgrades.
  • Free Demonstration for most of our equipment.
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