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CAS DB-II Platform Scales


DB-II with its pivoting display is designed with easy-use and flexibility in mind.

Advanced functions and features such as percentage weighing, counting, cumulative weight sum mode and weighing comparison.

Ideal for industrial conditions such as logistics, food processing and also chemical plants.


  • LCD Display:  DB-II is equipped with large 20mm display. The user will have no trouble seeing the displayed information from a distance.
  • Pivot/Tilt Indicator: Now you can move the indicator box in all directions to have the best viewable angle. Indicator can be detached and placed on a wall mount.
  • Printing: Print every weighing mode with real time stamp using CAS DEP-50 (ticket) and DLP-50 (label) printer. DB-II is also compatible with many other serial printers.


  • Large weighing platform
  • Dual range technology
  • Tilt (90o) and Swivel (360o) indicator
  • RS-232C interface (PC, Printer Connection)
  • LCD display
  • Trade Approved (30 kg ~ 150 kg)


  • Weighing
  • Counting
  • Tare/Hold
  • Percentage
  • Cumulative Weight Sum
  • Weight & Counting Preset Range (HI/LO/OK)


  • Dust & Splash-proof cover
  • Wall-mount type
  • Printer: DEP-50 (ticket) / DLP-50 (label)
  • Backlight (LCD type)
          Capacity 30 kg 60 kg 150 kg 300 kg
          Readability 10 g 10/20 g 20/50 g 50/100 g
          External Resolution 1/3,000
          Display Digit 6 Digits
          Display Type LCD
          Platter Size 28cm x 28cm 36cm x 46cm (Medium)
          42cm x 51cm (Large)
          46cm x 57cm (XLarge)
          46cm x 57cm (XLarge)
          Dimensions 28cm x 25cm x 53cm 48cm x 69cm x 76.5cm
          Product Weight 6 kg 14 kg (Medium)
          20 kg (Large)
          24 kg (XLarge)
          24 kg (XLarge)

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