Retail Point of Sale (POS) Solution


We have POS Software solution for Windows as well as IPAD Tablet that is purposed for a Retail, Restaurant, Cafe or Food Trucks.

Retail Point of Sale Solution

Since 2006, Advance POS and Scale Solutions started out selling digital weighing scale for the retail and industrial industry, and through the years, we have expanded into retail point of sale (POS) solutions in 2007.  Our experience would involve general retail merchandise companies, retail gift shops, jewelery retail, bulk food stores, and fruit and vegetable shops.

Retail POS Terminal Bundle

We provide 2 main types of Retail POS Terminal solution.  We have an in-house server based POS solution, as well as a Cloud POS solution.

By coming with us, we can give the most flexible system which will suit your budget, and best fit the functionality of your company.

In the Retail POS type of application, the POS database would generally be residing in a SQL (Structured Query Language) Server.  This main central SQL Server machine would hold all the transactions that goes through each till, or better known as the POS terminals.  In a fruit and vegetable retail shop, each grocery lane would comprise of one terminal.  

Each terminal would generally consist of a bar code scanner, a type of client display to interact with the customer, a docket or receipt printer and a cash drawer to hold the takings.  This basic setup is also called a POS Bundle.  

Then the store owner can decide to work with a Merchant Bank (e.g. NAB, CBA, ANZ, Wespac, Tyro etc.) for an EFTPOS terminal facility.  This terminal will interface with the POS Software bundle quite easily using a Middleware called PCEftPOS.  The shop owner can also opt out to run the teminals as cash tills with no direct link to the EFTPOS as well.

In summary, we do have a number of combination of POS Bundle combination that will suit the kind of business size that you run.  

As for a Retail POS system for a fruit and vegetable retail shop, they will need for some additional peripheral such as a trade certified digital weighing scale. And at times, they will need a scale label printer for random weight products.  

For more infomration, please contact us and we can quote you the best suitable POS system and POS peripherals and consumables for your business.