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ACOM PC-100W Precision Scales

ACOM PC-100W Precision Scales


High Precision weight only scale ideal for weighing ingredients & non retail items. Mains Power with large Stainless Steel Platter.


    • Wider Weighing Range: Wider weighing range gives you the same efficiency as that of two scales of competitors.
    • Battery Power Pack (Option): This offers roaming weighing as it doesn't necessarily need the AC power source.
    • RS-232C Interface (Option): Weighing data is transferred to the computer.
    • Keyboard Tare: Keyboard tare feature deducts a tare weight of packed materials or articles.
    • Hold Dispay: Hold feature display sampled and averaged weight of live animals or other unstable weighing.
    • Great for precision & portion weighing

    Ideal for:

    • Commercial Kitchens
    • Bakeries / Pizzerias
    • Restaurants


    • Battery Power Pack
    • RS-232C Interface
    • Density Measurement Hook
    • Weight Conversion *kglb convertible
            Capacity 5,000g 10,000g 20,000g 20,000g 30,000g
            Readability 0.5g 1g 2g 1g 1g
            Ext. Resolution 1/10,000 1/20,000 1/30,000
            Max. Tare Full Tare
            A/D Conversion Rate 9 times / second
            Display (digit) VFD Weight (5)
            Designators (g↔lb) Zero | Net | Stable | Hold | Batt (g, lb)
            Platter Size 35 cm x 27 cm
            Product Size 36.5 cm x 36.5 cm x 16 cm
            Power Source AC 115, 230 / 50/60 Hz

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